Friday, June 20, 2008

Outside endeavors

I can not believe it is nearing the end of June. Where in the world has this year gone? I just got in from planting the last of my flowers during Wesley's nap. Something that I usually have done by the end of May. I never got my garden in this year either. Although that is due to several reasons, one of which is our well went on the fritz last fall and haven't gotten around to getting up and running again. Watering a large garden with rural water might get a little expensive. I did manage to get two watermelon plants, a pumpkin plant and two tomato plants planted around the koi pond. I'm looking forward to fresh watermelon this year, I hope they produce. I also did something I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now, I planted herbs. I got an oregano, basil, lemon balm and rosemary plant and planted them around the pond as well. I made rosemary pork chops last night and used fresh rosemary, that was fun (and delicious). Maybe next year I can get a big garden in, I'd love to do some canning and be able to use the produce from the garden all year long.

Since I'm on the subject of the koi pond I thought I'm mention that my six goldfish that were added to the pond the beginning of May have been getting busy with it and now there are about four dozen tiny baby goldfish zipping around. Interesting fact, baby goldfish when born are a brown color and when they get about a month old they start to get their colors. So the ones that are about an inch long are just now turning orange and white or deep red orange. It's fun to watch. I hope Wesley gets as much enjoyment out of that pond as I do.

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