Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot house

It has been one hot weekend. It's not that bad outside, maybe 85 degrees but inside it's about 87 degrees. This weekend is the weekend we get our new heat pump installed. In an attempt to save several thousand dollars we decided to order the unit off the internet and install it ourselves. And when I say "ourselves" I mean Sean of course. I feel a little bad because we had four different heating and air companies come out to the middle of now where (where we live) and give us an estimate on what unit we would need and the cost. We then saw that all four of them said to get the same thing...a variable speed fan and 5 ton heat pump. The cheapest estimate came in at 9 grand. Ouch. So Sean got online and found a company that shipped us the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost. So yesterday and today Sean and buddy Josh (thank you so much Josh, you are great!) have been working their tails off getting it up and working. This all came about because our summer electric bills are horrid. To the point that if I have to pay them again we will be moving. Last summer we were paying $450 per month in both August and September. It was crazy. So we researched our options and heat pumps are the way to go. We are so excited to see the difference in our bills this summer. I really hope they are lower. Combined with the soaring costs of propane in the winter ($2.99 a gallon last winter, Yikes!) this new unit hopefully will pay for itself in not much time. So here's hoping Wesley is sleeping in a nice air conditioned house tomorrow night. Poor kid is naked except for a diaper with two fans directed at his crib right now.

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