Friday, June 6, 2008

Just stuff....

Mister Wesley is creeping up on the one year mark (only one month and 6 days left) and a few people have asked me what they can get him for the big occasion. So I asked Wesley and he gave me a list of toys and books he would just LOVE! I thought I'd put the list on his blog here in case anyone was interested (look to the right). If you plan on buying something from the list and want to let me know I can mark it purchased so he doesn't get multiples, if big deal. I've just started thinking about planning his birthday par-te so things are still pretty unknown except it will be on his birthday (July 12th) since it falls on a Saturday. We are excited that Granny and Grandpa will be coming up from New Mexico to help celebrate, that will be so much fun.

Today while he was napping I went and dug out an old 5 gallon aquarium from the piles of junk in the basement. I cleaned it up and set it up in his room this evening. It really looks nice and the kid can't stop staring and smiling at it. He's quite excited at the prospect of having fishies in his room. I researched what kind of fish would live ok in that tiny of an aquarium and I have a list that I'm going to take to the pet shop. The rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon of water. So technically I could get him 5 one inch fish, but you have to remember they are usually baby fish at the pet store and most grow to around 3 inches. So we are getting two fish for his room next week sometime. Those poor unsuspecting fish don't know how terrorized they are going to be.

Today Jessica came over with her two little ones. Alex and Wesley have learned to play together and it's quite endearing. I'm guessing they will be pretty good friends since they are only 9 months apart. It's funny watching them, Alex runs around while Wesley just sits on the floor watching him. Wesley is showing signs of movement. He is somewhat trying to pull himself up. Just can't figure out how to move his legs into position so he gets halfway up and plops back down. He will also push himself around the hardwood floors on his butt backwards. He's getting there. If he follows in his parents foot steps he won't be walking until 15 months. Sean and I were both late walkers.

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