Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wild weekend

We've had a fun weekend. The pool demo project has been stalled for a few weeks now due to the weather being crappy and other projects getting higher priority. So we've decided to get working on it again (and when I say "we" I mean Sean). With family coming in for Wesley's birthday we'd like our place to not look like a tornado went through it. Here is what the pool is looking like these days:

The next step is to get dirt delivered and start filling in the giant hole. Now we planned on renting a skid loader, and at $200 a day we were not looking forward to it. Not knowing how many days it would take to move dirt was also an issue. So yesterday Sean was cruising Craigslist and came across an old 1951 Massy Harris Tractor with a front end loader on it at a very reasonable price. We immediately drove out to see it and bought it. They delivered it this morning and Sean is very excited to have a new project. We figure if all we do with it is move dirt into the pool and then sell it we'd still probably walk away with money. A win win situation. Although I think when the pool project is finished there will always be some other use for it around either scooping horse manure or spreading gravel. Here is Sean with the green machine.

On a side note, I went into the bank yesterday to get some cash out for the tractor and the bank teller asked for some ID. I gave her my drivers license. She looked at it and gave it back and said she'll need to see some "current" ID. Looks like my drivers license has been expired since my birthday which was the beginning of May. Oops. So now Sean gets to be my chauffeur until Tuesday when the tag office is open. Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to actually take a drivers test since it's been over a month expired. Crap. Oh well.

Wesley's rash is looking slightly better. He's a much happier kid so it must not be bothering him too badly. He really likes the 2 or 3 baths he's getting a day. The kid was a fish in his former life. And on the subject of fish, here is a picture of his new favorite past time. He stands in the corner of the couch and watches the fishies. The 30 gallon tank from downstairs was brought upstairs and now is a community tank in the living room. Boy does he love it.

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