Saturday, September 27, 2008

Little tiny stove boy

He decided climbing into the bottom tray of the stove was the coolest thing since sliced bread. So here we have him reading while in the stove tray.

Here he is tossing his book while in the stove tray.

Looking all around cute while sitting in the stove tray.

And last of all, deciding he is finished sitting in the stove tray.

Can you tell it was a slow day?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The twins

Alex came over today so Jessica could do a little sane shopping with just Abby. Turns out we decided to dress our children the same today so they were little "twins" all day. Here they are being crazy...when the walking begins so will the insanity:

Wesley is loosing his "baby" look more and more each day. I can't pin point it but it's definitely there. I think he's just finally growing a's like he was just a giant head on top of some shoulders before. See what I mean? My little man.

Here are the "twins" being crazy today. Wesley gets very happy when there is someone to play with in the house, besides old Mom or Dad. That's about all that's new around here. I haven't been blogging much because of the lack of things to write about. Our life is simple and predictable, the way I like it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dud mom

Today I was a dud mom. Yesterday I peered out on the porch to find a glorious little box from Amazon with a book I've been waiting for. My sister told me to read Twilight. I was skeptical....a love story between a vampire and a high schooler....yea I dunno. BUT, she is my older and supposedly wiser sister so I bit the bullet and ordered it. I sat down at 10pm yesterday evening after my shower to read a few chapters before bed. I finally pried the book from my hands at 2am after reading over half of its 500 pages. Oh golly is it a good one. Thanks sis for the recommendation. How that author got that much electricity between two characters in a book is unknown to me. I couldn't put it down.

So this morning I awake at 8:30, knowing full well I could sleep another hour before the Kid wakes up, and sneak into the living room to read some more. I told myself I'll put it down once Wesley wakes up and I can resume reading it during his nap. Didn't happen. I made him breakfast then popped in Elmo's World and plopped myself on the couch to devour another 100 pages. I was a dud mom. I finished it today at 4pm at the end of his nap. That's the fastest I've ever read a book. Good book, I recommend it. Now I have to go get the other two books in the series. I've decided not to even purchase them until I've got a Saturday to myself and a babysitter.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look Ma! No hands!

Little Man is doing something new. He'll get up and stand by himself and we'll say "no hands!" and he raises his hands to show he's not holding onto anything. It's pretty cute.

Also, I wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Dad today. They are coming over this evening to eat his birthday pie. I made a raspberry/blueberry pie and it's cooking right now. Yum! There was about half a cup of the filling left over that wouldn't fit into the crust so I put it in a bowl and let Wesley have a spoonful. He followed me around for the next half an hour signing "more" while yelling "more" at the same time. I couldn't get it through to him that he didn't need to sign and say it at the same time. To say he really liked the berry filling would be an understatement.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitties, pool and milk

We have one cat. Her name is Lady and as of today she is officially an outdoor cat. I think I wrote about the fun times I had last month ripping out the carpet in my workroom upstairs thanks to her unwillingness to always use the litter box. Well, after that she went to live in the upstairs bathroom that is unused. It's got linoleum so she won't use it as a toilet (she prefers absorbent carpet), but it's pretty small. SO during the day she would go outside and then in the evenings it was back up to the bathroom to sleep. Then Thursday night at 2am hubby and I awoke to the lovely noise of her throwing herself at the bathroom door. Over and over again. How it didn't wake Wesley up I haven't a clue. That was the last straw. So last night I moved her litter box, food and water dish out to the shop. In the evenings she will get locked in the shop and during the day she is free to roam the great outdoors. Good luck outside this winter kitty!

The pool demolition is coming along. Hubby gets out there on weekends when he has a chance and when it isn't too wet. It's actually flat on one side now. We have to remove the wrought iron fence on the other side before he can get to work on that side. At least we can now order some fill dirt and the dump truck will be able to just back right up to the hole and dump it. It was a year ago that I said "Hey maybe we should just fill in the pool" and ever since Sean has been working his tail off to get it done. He's such a hard worker...Wesley and I are lucky to have him.

Last week was a success at weaning Wesley off the bottle. He has gone this whole week (minus last night) without a bottle. He had a little remission last night when he just wouldn't go to sleep, so a little bottle of warm milk and off to sleep he went. He's got one straw cup that he just's a wonderful cup, it won't spill anything and he can't yank the straw out like most straw cups. Here he is with his favorite cup.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Observations

I forgot how much I love Fall! Wesley and I have been spending as much time outside during the day as we possibly can. Today we went over to my parents house before lunch so Wesley could see Grandma and to take a walk around their neighborhood. I'm lucky my folks are only 4 miles away. He still really enjoys his buggy that I walk him around in. He holds onto the steering wheel and toots the horn, it's a hoot. Since he's not walking yet we can't do a whole lot outside on the ground, he has this tendency to try and eat rocks. I still can't understand the fascination with putting everything in his mouth. Oh's hoping that ends soon.

Other observations: I was wondering how long it would take before Wesley would take a liking to some toy and become obsessed with it. Looks like it starts around 14 months for this little guy. He just loves this little cookie monster stuffed toy he got for his birthday. He calls it "cookie" and carries it everywhere. It's not allowed anywhere but his room since the dogs would love the chance to "kill" it. I can't imagine how he would react if he found "cookie" murdered with guts all over the living room. That would not go well.

This little kid is just a sponge. He soaks up everything and spits it out when you least expect it. We have a little picture board book that he flips through on a daily basis and he'll point to the pictures and talk in his baby gibberish. Well he's starting to figure out what each picture is. He'll point to the picture of kittens and yell "kitties," it's so cute. He's got a few pictures down, quite a few to go. He's a bright little one.

That's about all that's new around here. I've been back to sculpting in all my free time and able to get back to selling which feels good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Box Ride

More random laughing baby video.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Horsey Dad

Not much to blog about today. I did take a cute picture though. Wesley is climbing on everything in sight. He managed to climb up on the couch today by himself (lord help me). So this evening hubby was lying on the ground playing with Wesley and he crawled right over and climbed right up on Dad. Then he "rode" him like a horsey for 10 minutes. It was very cute.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Wesley is finally figuring out he can get into trouble. He's climbing everything. This morning he crawled out of his room and over to the stairs and proceeded to climb up three steps before I even made it over there. He looked so proud. Then this afternoon I leave him with hubby (who was on the internet) to run upstairs for a second. I come back down and find this:

If you click on the picture you will see that the only part of him that is actually touching the toy surface is like three little tiny toes. I'm surprised I'm not writing about our trip the ER this afternoon because he fell off this toy and cracked his head open. Note to self, the kid can climb now watch him closer.

About an hour ago I am preparing to vacuum the house and look over to find this:

With the amount of tiny sharp teeth in that kids mouth I'm surprised I'm not writing about how I got to take him to the ER again after he fried himself eating an extension cord. Note to self, the kid can chew anything and everything.
Little tiny turkey.
edited to add: in the picture of him climbing above, hubby was right next to him while I quickly grabbed the camera and took the picture...there was no chance of him falling.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're gonna need an ark

So it's been raining here for two days straight. This morning the news man said we got 10 inches of rain overnight. There was a news anchor out covering the flooding that is happening throughout town and in the background there was a man kayaking down the street. It made me laugh. It's good to see someone still has a sense of humor.

Wesley and I have been staying in where it's dry (and hopefully stays that way). Our sump pump has been running all day long. I'm praying we don't get a power outage. Our basement would flood pretty quickly if we did loose power. Nah, hubby and I would be down there with buckets before we ever let that happen. What's funny is that we've gotten all this rain and Ike hasn't even come through yet...this weekend is going to be a wet one!

This weekend is our "Wean Wesley from the Bottle Weekend". Yeah! He doesn't seem to have any huge attachment to his before bed bottle and that's the only one he's down to so I don't think it will be too traumatic for him. My plan is to just work a sippy cup of milk in right before his bath and maybe he won't even remember he's missing a bottle. Wish me luck!

Here is a cute little picture I took today. I walk out of the kitchen and am looking around for Wesley and this is all I see:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Portrait of a Fourteen Month Old

Wesley will officially be fourteen months old tomorrow. Dang, where has the time went? This little tiny man is just the light of my life. Makes each day worth it. Here are some of his favorite things:

Fruit: frozen wild blue berries and bananas...and he never passes up "orangies"

Veggie: broccoli

Food: frozen cheese ravioli, french toast and scrambled eggs.

Toy: today it's a balloon

Words: Daddy, doggie, juice, lunch, balloon (sounds like baallo), ball, light, high chair (sounds like hiiiicha), oranges

Past time: tossing stuff down the stairs, tormenting the dogs, eating board books, watching Elmo's World, "walking" around the house, reading with Dad.

Book: Elmo's Mother Goose (great nursery rhyme book)..poor book is falling apart he loves it so much.

Here he is sitting at the computer watching Elmo. He gets so excited to sit in a big boy chair.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Follow that tasty baby butt

Today we have more video. I seem to be posting a lot of video recently due to the lack of interesting topics to write about. So here is Wesley "walking" with his push toy. I think he could do this all day. Notice Chance the little terrier following Wesley around. You can always tell when Wesley has left a present in his diaper because Chance will follow him around hoping beyond hope that some of the yummy "brownie" will somehow escape his diaper. Nasty little dog.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What rednecks do for fun on the weekends.

We build stuff for goats to play on. When we tore out the pool we had to tear out the large wrap around deck and therefore have a ton (or maybe two ton) of pressure treated wood that was too good to trash. So we stacked it up until a project came along requiring wood. Today was that day. Hubby and I went out during Little Dudes nap and built a large wooden table for the goats to play on. Goats are notorious for always wanting to be on the tallest object around. People with goats roaming around are not surprised to see them standing on the tops of vehicles. We, of course, contain our goats so we came up with this:

Not bad for a couple of hours of work. Plus we only used like 3% of the wood, so maybe a chicken coop is in our future. We let the goats into the pen and they immediately ran over and hopped right on. Fun times.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Changing seasons, changing kiddo

Not much to write about lately. Wesley and I have been staying in more recently due to the weather being utterly crappy. Tuesday was down right chilly, with rain and wind. I thought fall had appeared overnight until I heard the weather man tell me it was just the remnants of Gustav. I didn't think Gustav would go that far inland. I can't imagine what those people down south were feeling. Yet another reason I'm glad I live where I live.

With the dramatic change in the weather I thought it time to clean out the kids drawers and make room for some fall/winter clothing. It was kind of sad to pack up his little 12 month tank tops, knowing he'll never be that size again.

Wesley is learning more every day and becoming a little person. He tells me what he does and doesn't want. Our toys are becoming boring so I've started picking up new ones whenever I can. Today he got his Leap Frog Fridge Farm in the mail. It's this little barn that sticks to the fridge and he can place animals in it and they make noise. He was so enamored with it that when we had to go over to my folks house this evening he ripped it from the fridge and played with it in his car seat. New toys rock!

Here are some cute pictures taken yesterday during reading time. The kid does love his books. I'm thankful for that.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Victory over the teeth

The kid has an almost full set of teeth and he isn't afraid to use them. Witness exhibit A:

My (I mean his) really pretty wooden crib is getting the crud chewed out of it on a daily basis. He finds nothing wrong with sinking his chompers into the nice juicy wood. These little chew marks go up and down the crib rail. So I go online and start researching my options. First option is to buy these little plastic rails that fit nicely over the existing wooden rail. Nice in theory, the reviews were horrid....saying they nicely pop right on and their kids pop them right off within minutes and then start beating everything in sight with them. Yea I could see Wesley doing that.

So my other option (seems to be only two out there) is to buy this padded fabric strip that has Velcro along each edge and it attaches to itself under the crib rail. It arrived yesterday and is working wonderfully. If all it did was cover up the ugly teeth marks that would be enough but it protects the crib and his little teeth. Victory is mine.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheap entertainment

Well Granny Randi the fascination with the mixing bowls that you observed back in July is still going strong. He'll play with those bowls for 10 minutes straight...putting the bowl on his head then pulling it off, giggling then starting all over.

Doggie Lover