Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

 Halloween is one of my kids top favorite holidays. They really love it. This year we got to go trunk or treating a couple of times, one of which is to our new church. Wesley is Harry Potter (he just got done reading the 4th book and loves it!) and Greta is a strawberry Shopkin (shocking!). I was buying the items needed to transform Wesley into Harry and didn't want to shell out $12 for a cheap wand. My friend Jessica suggested that I just sculpt one and so I did. Took about half an hour to sculpt, bake and fire it and I didn't have to buy a single thing to make it. He loves it.

Pastor John and Wesley

We love Gwen and her adorable dogs.

We don't get balmy 87 degree Halloweens very often. It's just lovely! The kids had a nice parade to show off their costumes at school. I'm going to miss our elementary school when Wesley goes to middle school.

His buddy Alex went as Steve from Minecraft in a very cool homemade costume.

I did not sign up to be room mom for Wesley or Greta this year but rather to just help out with the parties. It's so nice not adding that stress. I was in charge of fruit for Wesley's party and found this cute fruit kabob idea. Kids loved it!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Festival

Every year for as long as I can remember we've been going to our towns Fall Festival. I wasn't going to bring the camera this year because we go every year what's new? Why put pictures up on the blog about something we do each year? Then I thought, why not. I've been posting this stuff for eight years now, why stop? So here are the pictures. The kids love the parade and all the candy and the craft fair has become a favorite with Greta and I.

Happy Fall y'all! 

Puppy Love

It's been three weeks with this face.

I'd like to say I've gotten a lot of work done in those three weeks.

But I haven't. I sit with this warm, sleepy puppy on my lap.

It's relaxing yet unproductive.

I'm ok with that. He'll be all grown up soon enough.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Week with Winston

It's been three months since we said goodbye to Sophie and I've got to say it's been quiet. Too quiet. She was the instigator with the other two dogs. She ran in the backyard with Cody. She and Chance were best buds too, he thought she was his girlfriend (if you know what I mean). So for these past three months we've had two moping, depressed dogs. They just lay around and sleep all day.

So I started telling Sean we needed a puppy. The conversations started like this:

Me: "I think we might need a puppy around here."

Sean: "No way, no how. There will be no more dogs, two is plenty."

Me: "Come on Sean, it would be fun! The kids would love it, it would liven up the other dogs."

Sean: "It's so calm around here, I like calm."

Me: :(

So it went on like this for about a month. I'd keep inserting a puppy into conversations, wearing him down. It finally worked. It took a lot of convincing but finally I got a "if it would make you happy, then get a puppy." I have the best husband ever!

So I signed up for all the local puppy pages on facebook and looked up breeders in the area. Finally, two weeks ago a local lady posted a litter of Boston Terrier pups on facebook and I fell in love. I've always had a soft spot for Boston Terriers. Not sure where it comes from as I've never known anyone with that breed. But I've always loved their squished noses and compact little bodies. They are the perfect size, right around 20 pounds.

So last Sunday I took my Mom and picked out a puppy. Meet Winston, the eight week old terror.

He is a five pound ball of energy. He runs and runs around the house with a kids sock in his mouth and then crashes and sleeps upside down for 2 hours.

I love photographing him when he's sleeping. It's the only time he's still. Every picture I have of him awake is blurry, he's constantly in motion.

Potty training is easier than I thought it would be. He does pretty good about holding it in his kennel at night and when I have an errand to run. Problem is when I do take him outside he's so distracted by everything outdoors that he forgets to potty. There are cats to chase and leaves to eat. The wood chips around the trees are a constant source of enjoyment as are the chickens. He doesn't know what to make of the chickens yet.

I'd like to say that he's made friends with Chance and Cody but they can't stand him. He chews on Cody's tail and chases Chance around the house. They've given him plenty of warning barks and snaps but he's not getting the drift. I hope time will help their relationship.

Here is a video of the night they all met. Chance was pretty playful that night. Since then, not so much.