Thursday, August 27, 2015

One Goat

One goat.....

Two goats.....

Three goats.......I might need more.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


So I'm doing dishes the other evening and look out the window to see some strange animal toddling through the dog pen. I call the kids over to the window and we watch as this strange creature sniffs around the ground and squeezes his odd little body under the fence. He trots off into the back yard at a pretty good clip. I grab the camera to document the very first living armadillo I've seen.  Crazy stuff!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Late August Activities

School has been in session for three days now. Greta is adjusting to full day kindergarten really well. She seems eager to go in the mornings and likes her teacher a whole lot. I feel like I was more anxious about her starting school than she was. I do miss my little mini me around all day. She and I had fun. So yesterday we went into town for a girls day out. We went shopping and stopped by Panera for a treat. She picked out a carrot cake cupcake.

We cut into it and to her surprise found shredded carrots. She picked some up and asked me why there were shredded carrots in it. I had to explain that carrot cake is made from carrots. She thought it was called carrot cake because of the tiny sugar carrot on the top. It made me laugh. She got home and told her dad it would have been good except for the shredded carrots, raisins and walnuts in it. Ha! So needless to say I got to eat a really tasty cupcake minus the frosting (she liked that).

Afterwards we went to Petco to look at the animals. I cleaned out Wesley's 5 gallon aquarium in his room and I brought in a water sample to see if it was ready for fish. The water looked great so we picked out a Betta. They had a whole wall of Betta fish in tiny little containers but only one yellow one. Greta's favorite color is yellow and she was so excited to find one in her favorite color.  She's a little jealous it's up in his tank but she is getting an aquarium for her birthday so perhaps "Sunny" the Betta will be transferred down to her tank at that time.

She got to carry it the whole way home and did a great job not letting him get too jarred. Isn't he just beautiful? I've never seen a yellow Betta before.

Wesley is enjoying his new found love of skating. We picked up a pair of inline skates at a garage sale a few weeks ago and he's been skating around the house nonstop ever since. Funny thing, there were two exact pairs of inline skates at that garage sale and so he picked up just one pair....turns out he picked up two right hand skates instead of a right and a left skate. It rubs his leg and has created a sore spot but he just loves them too much to care. So he skates through the pain. I'll have to order him a pair of new skates sometime. 

Yesterday while I was out with Greta he decided he wanted to climb a tree, so he climbed a 20 feet in the air. Sean was there and watched him do this. He was so excited to tell me when I got home. So later in the day he went climbing that tree again. It's good he gets time with just his dad because I'm not sure how I feel about him way up high in a tree. I've got to let go one of these days I suppose. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day

Today is a big day. Probably the biggest day in the last eight years. Today is the day that both of my children start school. It's crazy to think that I have a third grader and a kindergartener.

It's a big day for them and a big day for me. I've officially graduated as a stay-at-home mom. No more tiny ones at home. Sniff sniff.

That's so strange to write. I've stayed at home raising two small people for the last eight years and now the house is quiet and it's very strange. Not strange in a bad way, just different. I will be going back to sculpting full time like I was doing before kids came along. I'm looking forward to it.

I was slightly worried about how Greta would do with her anxiety and starting school but she did awesome! She was excited to see her friend from preschool again (who is thankfully in her same class). I think she'll do great.

Wesley is happy to see his friends again. Happy first day of school kiddos!


We are replacing the siding in their normal picture spot.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Children's Museum

My friend Jessica and I took the kids to the local children's museum that's downtown. It's a rather nice place with many exhibits, including some that travel around so there's always something new to see. It has been a few years since we were there last and it turns out the kids are at the perfect age for that museum now. They just soaked up those exhibits. It was a fun day!

Flight exhibit was a hit with the kids!

We built an atom, a very unstable one.

Fun in the tornado tube, enjoying 79 mph winds.

Giddy up!

Group picture of the gang.

A wonderful miniature exhibit.

Aunt Jessica needed a time out.

A whole room devoted to block building!

Playing with the mobile veterinary exhibit.

Finding water turtles.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I always thought the novelty of the sandbox would wear off on these kids but at eight years old and nearly six years old it's still going strong! I put six new bags of sand in it the other day and they spent two straight hours out there digging and building castles. The sandbox is built on a decent sized concrete slab that was here when we moved in. I always thought when the kids got tired of digging in sand we'd take it down and put a hot tub there....but at this rate we won't be getting a hot tub any time soon. Which is fine. Some day though.  For now I enjoy going out there and seeing one kid burying the other in sand. What fun they had!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cosmosphere Space Museum

Last week the kids and I took a trip with my parents to the Cosmosphere Space Museum. It's a beautiful museum filled with all sorts of space artifacts, a big display about the race to the moon and examples of actual flown spacecrafts among other things. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did I. We enjoyed seeing the planetarium and finding all the constellations in the night sky. It was a lovely day!

Posing in front of the lunar module replica.

The planetarium was a hit!

Clowning around.

Wesley, the rock collector, was intrigued by the moon rock on display.

The kids and my Dad rode this simulator, Mom and I bowed out because of motion sickness.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Out and About

The summer is quickly winding down, school starts in two and a half weeks. That's crazy! I suppose time flies when you're having fun. I always plan to do so many things with the kids during the summer and in the end I'm happy if I get half of them done. They've been having fun though. We've had to instill limits on the electronic devices because if it was up to them they'd play computer games and Minecraft on the playstaton3 all day long. It's funny because the one hour time limit doesn't start until I wake up so they've learned if they whisper and tippy toe through the house they can play Minecraft all morning as long as I stay asleep. It's a win win for everyone!

We decided to get out of the house today and go have a little fun. They love going out to lunch so I took them to my favorite place, Jason's Deli. Any place that offers free ice cream after your meal is a winner in our book. They always love going to the giant fountain and playing around the lake. It's a fun place to spend an hour (until it's so hot you must go find air conditioning).

Then we decided it was time for Greta to get a haircut before Kindergarten starts. This will be only her second real haircut from a stylist. I've always just cut the dry ends off and tried to tame the wild curls myself, but this time we called in a professional. She did great and they took about an inch off and gave her layers. I might be able to get a comb through it now! Woo hoo!

We can't have an outing without a family selfie in the car.  Those are my little goofballs!