Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Retirement!

Big week! My parents both retired on Tuesday. I'm excited for them and their new found freedom. I wish it meant they weren't moving to their retirement cottage in Colorado, but we'll still see them plenty I'm sure. Congratulations you two! (Oh and apparently a new chapter in life meant a new look, my dad shaved off his mustache. Looks good Pops!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

It's that time of year again. My youngest child and my father had a birthday over the weekend. Greta is now 5 (time really does fly!). My sister and her family came to visit and we all headed into town to the amusement park to ride some rides and have some fun.

That last picture cracks me up. They ran out of small life jackets so he was in a larger one that didn't fit. What a nutty kid. We had a nice time. The favorite ride of the night according to the kids? This big pumpkin that you pile into and then it turns really fast, plastering you up against the wall. Grandpa got it going really really fast.

Greta had a nice little birthday party with her cousins, Alex, Abby and Evie. She wanted bunny cupcakes so I gave her bunny butt cupcakes (hey they were easy).

Happy birthday to Miss Greta and a wonderful Dad!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


We've officially been in our house for a decade now. I find that hard to believe since we moved in just the other day. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Funny thing about our house, we needed new siding when we moved in. A decade ago. My husband is good at doing pretty much anything that he puts his mind to and he put his mind to replacing siding. One wall at a time.....with several years in between walls. I am not complaining. You do not hear me complaining. I am eternally grateful that I am not out there siding this freakishly tall house.  You will recall several years ago we rented scaffolding and the hubby resided the east wall. HERE is the link. You can ask Sean, that was probably one of his least pleasurable projects he's ever accomplished. So after that wall we redid the siding on the back of the house because we had to, before putting on the new deck, last fall. Half the house has been resided. That is as much siding as Sean wants to do. For the rest of his life. So I called up a local company specializing in siding replacement. I mean seriously how much could it cost to put new siding on the house?

Siding dude comes out last week. He gets here in the evening after hubby gets home from work. He talks a lot. He talks about walnut trees, guns, dogs and a little bit about siding. After a walk around the house he starts measuring and calculating square feet. All the while talking. He's here for 3.5 hours. He informs us that cement fiber board siding is bad stuff. Lots of class action law suits. Apparently it's a bad product according to him. He tells us we need to buy his top of the line resin/stone product that is gorgeous. I am totally sold on it's sheer awesomeness until he tells us it will run $32,000. Hahahaha! I wish I was kidding. We then asked what it would cost to reside the half of the house with the same wood siding that is already on it. Just half the house. That would run $15,500. He tried to talk us out of the wood siding because it only lasts 7-10 years according to him. We talked about it after he left and decided we'd have to sell a kidney or two or three to make either of those estimates a reality. I'm not willing to refinance the place and go back up to 15 years. No way man.

So as I write this I'm listening to the sounds of hammering as Sean is pounding in nails to the new siding above the garage. I think we're doing it ourselves. Heck the money saved might just allow Sean to replace the corvette with a newer one. I think that's pretty good motivation.

Funny story. I'm in the truck on Friday on my way to Lowes to buy siding. I had just dropped off Greta at preschool and was half way to the store and I started feeling strange. I felt buzzed. Like I had drank a beer. I'm no drinker, I'm lucky it I have one alcoholic drink every 6 months. I started thinking about what I had consumed in the past hour. I had eaten a turkey sandwich, an apple and tried a new tea I purchased from the natural grocery store in town. I had the misfortune of having my very first kidney infection last week and was on a round of antibiotics to cure it. I was shopping around for some good probiotics to take while on the round of antibiotics and found that Kombucha tea is very helpful in restoring good flora to your gut. I drank half that bottle of tea and found myself a little bit drunk....while driving. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so frightening at the time. I turned around and got myself home as safely as possible. Turns out there is a bit of alcohol in the tea that is created from the fermentation process. And I sure felt it! I'm such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.  I'll remember to only drink that tea when I don't plan on going anywhere from now on.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


So my youngest missed the kindergarten cutoff date by 20 days so back to preschool again. Her school started back up again last week and she's so excited! She did great with no anxiety when I left (which was so nice). With no kids I was able to go get my hair cut and relax a little. I could get used to this!

A funny little story. Our lives have changed a little with all the dogs becoming indoor dogs. Before all we had inside all day was Chance, out tiny little geriatric terrier. He ruled the roost. The black lab, Cody, and the setter from Hell, Sophie, lived outdoors during the day and came inside during the night and bad weather. This setup worked fine for us for a decade now. Then something in Sophie's head just went off and she decided she was an indoor dog.....could be the gun fire or thunder who knows. So now the kids and I are figuring out how we are all going to live together.  The big dogs steal the couch from the kids, there is a severe amount of whining about the dog "breathing on me," some one is always getting licked and kids toys are getting eaten on a daily basis.

The funny part? Now that Sophie (the red setter in the above picture) is indoors Chance has his girlfriend around at all times. Chance, the black terrier, has always been in love with her and likes to show it at all times. In other words there is a huge amount of dog humping going on in my house. Everyone is fixed, there are no problems there. Chance was a stray and not neutered until he was nearly a year old. I think he just retained his boyish characteristics. Lucky Sophie. She doesn't care. She just sits or lies around and takes it.

The kids think it's hilarious. They have no idea what he's doing. I've said he's "dancing" with her because I'm really not ready for the birds and bees talk just yet. Yesterday Chance was in marathon mode and did this for about an hour. Greta decided to drag a chair over and "watch the show."  My kids are going to be so scarred.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We had a really nice Labor Day weekend. It's amazing how much it feels like Fall out there already. I'm really ready for Fall. I haven't done a monthly challenge in awhile and decided to do a sugar free month again. Last time I did it I lost six pounds (I think) and it would be nice going into Fall a little lighter. The key to this challenge is just bypassing the sugar filled isles at the grocery store. I still get ice cream for the kids and hubby since it doesn't interest me. Day 2, so far so good.

We did a few home improvements this weekend including installing a new kitchen faucet. The old one was dripping and driving me insane. The new one is super cool, has a industrial feel to it. I hope it holds up better to heavy use (aka: kids using it) better than the old one.  I also picked up a few new floor lamps while at Lowe's. Our living room is super dark at night which makes it difficult to sculpt and paint. It's so nice to be able to see what I'm doing! Now we need to tackle siding when it cools down. Some of the siding above the garage that we replaced when we moved in is already rotting again. I wonder if everyone has to deal with rotten siding all the time?

I took a road trip with the kids on Saturday to visit my sister and see their new house. Sean stayed home to babysit the insane dog, feed animals and get stuff done on his car projects. My sisters new house is super beautiful, I'm really excited for them. They live within a short walk to a playground, pool and walking paths. I don't know if I could live in the city again but with kids that would be a bonus for sure. I'm really happy for them.

The kids played really well together (it was crazy and loud of course). My kids sure like their cousins.

My sister hadn't had the awesome opportunity to see the Beard Booth app on my phone so I gave her and Emery a beard.  Now that's some funny stuff.  At least I think so. ;-)