Sunday, June 29, 2008

The crawling diaries part 1

We have had a crawling Wesley for two full days now. Oh what fun it is to see him getting around the house by himself. It is so fulfilling to watch him master each new step of life. He has found so many things to get into. For one, the floor vents are very captivating. He will crawl over to one and gracefully rip it from the floor and toss it a foot away and then smile like "what an accomplishment!". I don't know what I'm going to do about the vents. Since they are on hardwood floors I suppose I'm just going to caulk them in place and hope that holds. The second thing he has discovered is the kitchen cabinets. Nope, no childproofing completed in the kitchen yet. So he dumped the crockpot and bread machine onto the floor. I'll be heading to the store tomorrow for childproofing stuff.

Here is a picture of his room taken this evening after the tornado terror know as Wesley touched ground. I don't think a single thing went untouched in his room. Oh boy this is going to be fun!

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