Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dillweed and Mr. Ed

We have two new additions to our household this evening. Dillweed and Mr. Ed. They are Wesley's first pets, and certainly not his last. He helped me pick out two tetra's this afternoon at the pet store to go in his five gallon aquarium in his room. Dillweed and Mr. Ed are adjusting to their new home quite well, I hope they are still alive in the morning. I don't have a good track record with fish living long lives in that little aquarium. The big 30 gallon in the basement I can keep anything alive in, but the little one is another story. It's funny because they market the little tanks to first time fish owners, when in fact the larger tanks are much easier to keep balanced and therefore keep fish alive in. In our last house I had the 30 gallon tank up and running and purchased a tiny little baby oscar to go in. He was adorable (well as adorable as a fish can be). He wasn't much bigger that 2 inches when we got him. After two years he had grown to around 10 inches and was a huge fish that lept out of the water when you opened the top to feed him. He got to the point he was eating live food, meal worms and ghost shrimp. He was scary. I started having nightmares about him biting my fingers off and that's when he went back to the pet shop. Last I saw him he was happily swimming around with other huge fish in a 200 gallon tank.

While I'm on the subject of pets, I have to admit that the house is entirely too quiet with Cisco gone. I've decided we are a three dog family that is missing a member. I keep telling Sean we need to go get a puppy that Wesley can grow up with and he is being all responsible like and telling me we don't need another dog. I know we don't need any more pets but it's so weird around here without all the chaos. We kind of made a deal that I can have another puppy when he has a nice shiny corvette out in the driveway. Yea and that's not going to happen anytime soon. I just can't justify selling his nice reliable high mpg family man car for an overpriced two seater sports car. Can we say mid life crisis? Oh wait, he's wanted one his entire life. I figure he'll get one soon so that I can get my boston terrier puppy I've wanted for awhile now. It's a pretty good trade off in my book.

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