Monday, March 27, 2017

Knock knock, who's there? Norovirus!

I'd like to say this was a fun and carefree spring break. A break filled with sun and parks, playful children and good food. But no, this was not any of that. The Norovirus has been traveling through our house over the last week. Greta seems to have brought it home and started throwing up the first day of break. She threw up twice a day for a couple of days but got hit with diarrhea and a fever near the end. Then Wesley got it on Tuesday and it got him hard. He was throwing up every hour, couldn't keep any liquids down. This went on for three days. The diarrhea started on day two and I was pretty worried about him becoming dehydrated. Somehow he sipped enough water to urinate two-three times a day, which the nurse told me was enough to keep him out of the ER. Poor kid was in rough shape. He finally started perking up on Friday. I'm pretty sure he lost five pounds. Now Sean has it.

I'm a pretty earthy-crunchy kind of person and try to stay away from the harsh chemicals in my house. With that said, I went out and bought an industrial sized bottle of Lysol and have been spraying my house from top to bottom. I've been knee deep in puke (and other bodily fluids) for the last week and can't figure out why I haven't caught it yet. I'm not complaining, just a bit worried about when it will hit me.

The kids are back to school today. I think we are all ready for a bit of normalcy and routine. I must admit that I'm thankful this all happened over spring break. They would have been out of school for awhile otherwise. I'm also thankful it's done, the mental anguish that comes with sick kids is a load on a parent's shoulders. It's mentally and physically exhausting. I pray none of you have the Norovirus come knocking at your door.

Sick Wesley with his buddy.