Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rural life

Some days I don't care for the rural life I live. The week before the 4th of July is one of those times. Every redneck and hillbilly around us believes in firing off fireworks until the wee hours of the morning. I've actually come to detest this holiday that is quickly approaching. I never really was much into fireworks, none in my family were. Growing up we would occasionally put chairs on the front deck and watch the neighbors extravagant fireworks show, never buying any ourselves. I'm a pretty good tight wad so for me to go out and spend hard earned money on something I'm going to burn up just doesn't make sense. Call me a fuddy duddy.

Another joy of rural life is internet, or lack there of. We lucky people that happen to live outside of the city don't have the internet options that city folk do. We have three options: dial up (been there done that never goin' back), satellite (faster than dial-up but not anything near DSL), and wireless broadband. We had satellite service last year and it was definitely faster than dial up but still incredibly frustrating. We ditched it for Verizon broadband. Wireless broadband is a little stick that plugs into your USB plug on your computer and runs through the cell phone network. It's stinkin $60 a month which we now get to pay for since Sean moved to a different position in the company starting Monday. Uggg. If you have DSL, you stink and I'm jealous.

And since this IS a blog about Wesley, here are some cute pictures of his highness taken yesterday while looking at the fishies. I seriously don't know how I created such a cute kid. How cute is he? Oh and just so you know, we no longer wear pants in this house (well I do most of the time, he doesn't). What's the point, I get so sick of putting shorts on then taking them right off again. Pointless. Plus the kid is a natural born nudist (see movies below) so going pantsless is just natural.

Ok, photo session is over...back to fishy watchin'

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