Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eleven Months Old!

Our little man is eleven months old today! Every month that goes by is more enjoyable than the last. He is growing and developing quite a personality. Last night Sean, Wesley and I were sitting on the floor in the living room and I started asking Wesley were things were. First I said "where are the fishies?", he looked at me and then to the big aquarium and pointed. Then I said "where is Daddy?" and he pointed at Sean. Next was bottle, he knew where his bottle was. The I asked him "where is doggie?" and he pointed to Chance eating his dinner. Last of all I asked him "where is crappy dog (Sophie)?" and he looked around and pointed to the laundry room with its closed door where Sophie eats dinner. It cracked us up. It also reminded me to watch what I say because he's really starting to listen and understand. Scary thought. I might add that Sophia is known as crappy dog because she routinely jumps up on the stove and counter tops and steals our dinner. Crappy dog.

There has been a little concern over the fact that Wesley isn't crawling yet. I asked his pediatrician at his 10 month appointment and the doc wasn't worried at all. He said as long as there is movement, which there is. I can plunk Wesley down on the wood floors in the kitchen and he will scoot his butt around backwards until he gets to the cabinets and then will open them up and try to remove everything in the cabinet. He'll also get on his hands and knees and will move backwards a little but not forward. He tries his hardest to pull up on chairs and other things but he's just no there yet. I do hope he catches up in the movement department soon.

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