Sunday, June 22, 2008

Food, Fun and Farm Boy

For several days now we've been letting Wesley feed himself with a spoon. I say "feed" in the loosest form of the word. He gladly holds the spoon and bangs his tray with it. I then have to hold his little hand (that is holding the spoon) and scoop up food and deliver it to his mouth. He then pulls the spoon out and gives me a giant grin like "see what I just did." It's quite endearing....and messy. I think he's getting the hang of it.

In the terms of what he's eating these days, it's pretty much everything. He has a strange fascination with cottage cheese. Likes to play with it in his mouth, must be the texture. I went all Suzie Homemaker like last weekend and made him some zucchini muffins. I took a normal recipe and added shredded carrot, zucchini (obviously) and cranberries. For the oil I used one part applesauce, one part olive oil and one part regular oil. I substituted the eggs with water, vinegar and baking powder and only used a third of the sugar. And last of all I used whole wheat flour and wheat germ to replace the white flour. Surprisingly enough they were quite tasty and not like bricks which I expected. Wesley likes them too. One other trick I found online is when you feed chunks of banana to your little one just roll it in wheat germ first and it gives a protein and fiber kick to regular naners. It's amazing what you can find online.

This is completely off subject (like most of my posts) but Sean is outside right now in the back yard playing in the dirt on his man toy. He got the Green Machine working and is now trying to fill in the in ground pool. I shall call him Farm Boy. Hmmmm my husband is Farm Boy and my son is Wesley....any guesses what movie I fancy?

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