Friday, June 27, 2008

The toad festival

I have learned not to mess with the kids nap. He goes down for a nap at precisely 2 pm and sleeps for 2-2.5 hours. If I have to run errands I either have to do them first thing in the morning and be home before noon or he'll pass out in the car and all hopes of a two hour break are dashed, OR after he wakes up from the nap. So today I picked the later. We had an unexciting trip to Wal-Mart. It always fascinates me that there is a store that I can have bananas, a muffin tin, car oil and a betta fish in the same cart. Strange.

I get home, it's already almost dark when I go out and feed the horses. In their pen is a light that comes on at night, kind of a horsey night light. Under the light I find the toad festival:

I sat there and watched them eat bugs for awhile and then Rocky came to visit and munched on my rubber boots for a few minutes. He's such and inquisitive little horse.

That was my boring evening.

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