Friday, December 7, 2018


Seeing Santa at the public library has been a tradition since 2012. The kids have enjoyed it thoroughly and it puts us all in the Christmas spirit. This year Wesley said he's too old to do it anymore. I knew the day was coming and to be honest I'm surprised we made it this long. But Greta is nine years old and still wanted to go so we all went as a family to see Santa (Wesley said he'd go for the cookies and punch). It was a mad house this year! So many people attended. It was a 2.5 hour wait to get your picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We learned last year to walk in, get the little card (they call the picture on your card when it's your turn) and leave. We went and ate pie to pass the time last year, this year I had a gift card to Applebee's so we ate brownie sundaes there. It's a fun way to pass the time.

Wesley decided to be in the picture this year, but he wanted to sit next to Santa. Love these big kids of mine!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ice Rink

Over Thanksgiving we were informed that we had an ice skating rink. Didn't even know this existed! It took our relatives from Minnesota to inform us of this. They are quite familiar with their ice rink and their boys skate and take lesson frequently. So we all drove downtown to try our hand at not falling on our rear ends. It was great fun, Wesley excelled at skating. He's always been quite good on roller skates so I assumed he'd pick it up quickly. Greta on the other hand was so frightened of falling that she sat it out. It took a lot of coaxing to finally get her out on the ice. She did one lap and called it a day. But, upon leaving she said she'd like to come back and try it again sometime when it wasn't so full of people.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. My sister and her family visited and my folks were here too. It was a full house with lots of crazy kids running around. Three boys and one girl meant many Nerf wars and hundreds of bullets on the ground. The kids played an epic multi day game of Monopoly with Papa. Good times.

The wind graced us with its presence so kites were able to be flown. Greta did particularly well keeping hers in the air.

The precious pup, Rudi, was here a lot and was introduced to our crazy clan of canines. He did great and played well. It was very difficult to photograph the pup without him moving....I was happy to get the second picture below. The only one out of 20 without him moving.

I felt the need to try some non meat options for Thanksgiving this year. My sister and I are both plant based so I went in search of a Tofurky for us. I found one at Whole Foods (along with a Field Roast variety). I put them both in the crockpot and served them up for the big meal. They were not good, I'd say barely edible. Oh well! It was worth a try. Back to eating all the delicious side dishes (that's all I really like anyways).

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2018


My parents lost their sweet miniature schnauzer Dieter a couple of months ago and while there will never be a replacement for that wonderful dog they did get another to try and fill the void. Meet little Rudi. He's tiny and snuggly and so adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing him over Thanksgiving. He'll be meeting our gang of dogs, I hope he's feeling ambitious!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

4H Fun

We've been part of the local 4H group since April and have been having a lot of fun. We didn't participate in the fair this summer since we had just signed up and didn't have projects made but we are hoping next summer to enter items. Every year they have a bonfire and we meet for our monthly meeting while eating yummy food. It was fun.

For the local Fall Festival the 4H group enters a float and we got to ride on it this year while throwing candy. The kids had fun and we won 3rd place in the float contest (it helped that we had live animals on the float). It was so cold though!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Go Wesley!

A few weeks ago Wesley had his first Karate Tournament. We went about a year ago and watched one just to get a feel for what they are all about. He was excited and nervous to participate but did awesome. He got first in his age group for doing his kata. He was pretty pumped to bring home a big trophy. So proud of that kid!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Well another year of trick or treating has come to an end. Sean was remarking how easy it is these days with older kids, they don't need us to hold their candy buckets or take them to the doors. They are so very self sufficient, which is lovely! Greta was a unicorn, we found this pajama like suit on Amazon and she'll be able to wear it all winter since it's nice and warm. Wesley wasn't sure he even wanted to dress up since he's a big 6th grader now but in the end he opted for my old sumo wrestler suit and a face mask so nobody would recognize him.

We took them to our church trunk or treat as well as the cities event. Happy Halloween everyone, and happy 43rd anniversary to my parents!

It's not Halloween without pumpkin carving. It's nice to just set the kids up and let them go at it. I cut off the top but they did everything else including all the sawing of holes.

Monday, October 1, 2018


With the addition of the new goats I knew we needed to do some structural improvements to provide better shelter for the new kids. What we really needed was a new goat house. I started looking around trying to find a good place for it and the chicken run caught my eye. Back in 2010 Sean built a run for the chickens right off of the shop where the hen house is located. I used to coop up the chickens in the run when I was scared they would be eaten by predators. Eight years later I've become a more relaxed chicken farmer and the girls now enjoy free ranging all day and being locked up in their hen house at night.

The outside run has sat unused for several years now. Sean built it like a tank to keep all predators at bay even digging down and layering pressure treated wood about a foot deep in the ground for digging predators. It had good bones and I knew it would make a nice 10 foot by 16 foot goat house. Here it is, with the "temporary" fence (that's been there since 2010 also) that was put up to keep the horses and big goats from rubbing all over it and destroying the chicken wire. This is also after we have pulled all of the chicken wire and clap boards off of it.

Here is what it looked like right after Sean got done building it, he did a beautiful job. Look at tiny three year old Wesley!

The chickens loved it too, but love free ranging more.
So we tore down the old fence and removed all of the chicken wire and door from the coop. Sean added a slanted roof to the top of it and we put up siding and a new roof. We repositioned the new door to be on the south side to keep it warm in the winter. We also built a new fence to keep the the horses out of it (because they will hog it and not allow anyone else in it).

Still needs a coat of paint on the inside and outside.
Sean added electricity so we can put a stock tank heater back here if needed. It was also nice for power tools while building it.

We built it in two days, two very long days. The goats like it and I'm happy to have a nice warm building for them this winter. While we were at it we put in a new fence in the horse pen to keep the baby goats completely away from the horses and bigger goats. I was really tired of seeing Tag being bullied, so the kids won't be in with them until fully grown. We designed the new fence to share the stock tank so I won't have to haul warm buckets of water this winter (the stock tank has a heater in it). I'm really enjoying the new set up, it sure looks a lot more professional.

Daphne is always so curious about the cats.

Rocky and Desi. Desi in doing well with his new boots.