Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where's the Friggin Phone Number?!

We had a little excitement last night. I was out mowing and was almost finished when Sean comes out carrying Wesley. He informs me that Wesley was chewing on one of those little packets that come in shoe boxes that say "Silica DO NOT EAT". I guess he found one (God knows where) and proceeded to chew on it until it ripped open. Sean dug several of the little silica beads out of his mouth, who knows how many he ate. I decided to call Poison Control and could not find the phone number. Anywhere. You know I'd have no problems finding it if I didn't need it. Heck I thought I even had a Poison Control magnet on the fridge, but under pressure I was at a loss. Finally after the third phone book I found it and sat there on hold for a few minutes before the most unfriendly woman finally answered. She informed me (rather rudely) that the silica graduals are non toxic, just give him plenty of fluids to pass them through. SO if your kid ever eats that stuff now you know. I guess the packets themselves are more of a choking hazard than anything else. Interesting stuff. By the way, I now have that all important number etched in my brain 1-800-222-1222.

Today Alex came over while Jessica escaped to Wally World to do shopping without her little monster. Wesley just loves Alex. The entire two hours he just crawled around after Alex at suppa speed. He wanted to do everything Alex could do. He had a smile on his face the whole time. It's good to have social interaction for the two of them. Here are some pictures. Aren't they just cutest little people?

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