Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Turkey Lips

"Turkey Lips" is my term of endearment for when the kid does something he shouldn't. Yesterday was a turkey lips sorta day. I'm sitting at the computer sending an email while Wesley is playing with the phone on the floor. As I've said before he likes to hold it up to his ear and "talk" gibberish into it. Well I'm sitting there and I hear a mans voice on the other end and think ah crap the kid called someone. He didn't just call someone, he called 911. The phone is sitting there with a man saying "911 is this an emergency?"....not good. I picked it up and sheepishly told the man the situation. He said "oh no problem, I appreciate you staying on the phone." I'm guessing people normally hang up and then they have to send a cop car out to your house. Needless to say, no more phone playing going on in this house. Little tiny turkey lips.

Here is the turkey himself dragging a book around the house in his mouth. Strange child.

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