Sunday, August 17, 2008


I had an interesting Saturday. I woke up and went into the laundry room to let Chance out of his cage to find him covered in vomit and diarrhea. The poor thing was sick as a dog (pardon the pun). It all didn't worry me until he started having bloody stools. So I took him in to our local vet who said he couldn't hear any digestive sounds (that's bad). He got an IV to keep him hydrated and some meds for the irritated bowel. Poor dog. So they kept him there at the clinic to nurse him back to health. He's still there. I hate that I don't know how he's doing. Since it's Sunday and they are closed I have no way of getting a hold of them. Grrrr. First thing tomorrow I'm calling to make sure he's ok.

I get home from taking the dog to the vet and go upstairs to pull out all the carpet in my workroom. We have a cat. The cat was locked in my workroom with her five (count em FIVE) litter boxes and still couldn't manage to urinate in them. So she gets thrown outside during the day and then thrown in the unused upstairs bathroom at night (she won't urinate on linoleum). I can't stand the cat but she's incredibly lovable which is the only endearing value she has. I feel I can't get rid of her since she not young and has the urinating problem, she would get put to sleep at the shelter. So for now she's an outdoor cat, part time. Anyways, I pulled out all the carpet and pad and found that the sub floor had spots that were still wet so I sprayed them with Clorox Cleanup and plan to paint the floor with Kilz. God I hope that gets rid of the smell. I can only smell it if I'm upstairs and close to the room, so I'm thankful the whole house doesn't smell. Crappy scratch that, pissy cat.

Last night we went to hubby's annual company picnic. This year they had it at a local farm. I say farm but it was more than a farm. It had a petting zoo but it also had paintball, horse shoes, cable swings, a stocked pond, hiking trails, a pool and tons of other stuff. It was a really neat place. We stuffed our face on BBQ and then went around looking at stuff. To get to the cable swing you have to cross this (you can click on a photo to make it bigger):

I watched Sean carry Wesley across it and then I went across. Had I known it was as rickety as it was I would have never let either go. It was scary, then again that kind of stuff has never been my bag. I laugh because I know if my father was there he would have been jumping up and down on it and my mother would have been scared to death.
Second was the petting zoo (which was closed by the time we made it out there, so we petted through the fence). They had the tiniest little goats I've ever seen. My goats poop bigger than they are. Why didn't I find these sweet inncoent creatures when I was looking for a goat??

Next we have the tower of tires. It was a pole with tires on it and a rope that you climb. Yes, very redneck. I dared hubby to do it and he did, made it to the top too.

Here we have Wesley starring at all the kids running around. He sat there and wouldn't even turn around to eat. There were some older kids playing football by the tables and I think if Wesley could've gotten down from the table and joined them he would have.

Last is Wesley and I just enjoying ourselves and the beautiful 80 degree August day.

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