Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storm moving in

I'm back to having absolutely nothing to do. Some days I feel like this house is my jail cell. I think if Wesley was walking we'd be able to do more things, especially outside. As it is he just crawls around outside and eats grass and plays with stones. Not a bucket of fun. I thought about going to the pool, they have a baby splash area...but the only problem (and I say "problem" lightly) is that it's so darn cool. Today's HIGH was 76. Yea, strange for August. So we sit in the house and play and read.

Today we had our first real tantrum. I personally think it's from him being bored. He got up from his nap, I gave him a graham cracker and he broke it in half and threw it at me then proceeded to throw himself on the floor and scream and thrash around for 15 minutes. For the first 10 minutes I kind of laughed at him, I mean it's pretty funny in a not so funny sorta way. Then I started to wonder if something was wrong with him, after all he's never had a tantrum that lasted that long before. So I picked him up to comfort him. That didn't work...he just threw his body back and screamed louder. We're talking the hyperventilating, can't catch your breath crying. Poor kid. I took him into our bedroom (a place he usually LOVES to play in) and he just continued the screaming and writhing. I finally had to take him outside to get his mind onto something else: picking and eating grass. So I guess I survived our first, and certainly not last, tantrum. Guess he wanted Cheerios instead of that blasted graham cracker.

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