Monday, August 4, 2008

The Summer Blahs

Well it's official, the summer blahs have arrived. It's nasty hot outside so Wesley and I just spend the day inside doing nothing. I'm bored. He's bored. Not a good combination. I hate going anywhere because whenever the kid touches the car seat he falls asleep. And as everyone knows a teeny tiny 20 minute cat nap will spoil the two hour afternoon nap. So we spend our days doing the regular routine. Wake up, feed every single mouth (there's about 15 or so) my mouth being the last, then he plays until noon and eats again. Naps from 2-4 and then eats again at 6. I swear the day revolves around the kid eating or sleeping. Everything else is just fluff.

I did get bored the other day and decided to clean out my closets. It's amazing how many pieces of clothing I own with the tags still on. Sad really. I found some really cute little cocktail dresses that I bought for God knows what that never got worn so I posted them on eBay. They ended today...I sold them all-yeah! It feels good to know they will go to a home where they will go out and be worn and have a life. Good luck little dresses. We also ran across some old DISH network receivers and threw them up on eBay....can you believe our old receiver sold for $50? I guess people buy them and hack them to get free service. There are some questionable people out there. Oh well, I'm sure happy to sell to those questionable people. Ebay rocks!

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