Saturday, August 2, 2008

Strange Toys part 1

There are some strange toys out there. Toys that you wonder how or why they exist. Wesley has a few of these. One of them is a birthday present I bought at Cabela's. It is a giant, four foot long, realistic looking, stuffed Walleye fish. I mean, doesn't everyone need a four foot long walleye lying around? We had a gift certificate that needed to be used so this is what I found. I thought we'd get a good laugh out of it and that would be that, but no...the kid likes the fish. He will crawl up to it and just bury his head into it. If I'm lying my head on it he will come over and pull it away. It is his fish.

The other toy, although it's not really strange or unusual, is one of the most favored. When we went to the hospital to see Jessica's little girl when she was born I went to the hospital gift shop to look around. I was looking for something to get Wesley and Alex to hopefully occupy them during the long wait and came across these little wooden snakes. I'm sure you've seen them, they have little segmented bodies that can move similar to a real snakes. They were cheap and so I bought two. Well the kid has an infatuation with this snake. He carries it around while crawling (not an easy task), holds it while reading and sucks on the head on a regular basis. Many a time I walk into the kitchen and see this somewhat real looking snake lying on the floor and have a minor heart attack. Lately though I've been thinking about the dangers of letting him play with this snake.....I mean what's going to happen when he sees his first real snake outside? Is he going to walk right up, pick it up and suck on it's head? It's a scary thought especially out here where I usually see at least one good sized snake a week in the yard. Sean and I will have to teach him the dangers of snakes before he finds one on his own. Darn toy.

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