Thursday, August 28, 2008

Progress report

We have a smart kid. He sure picks up on more than we think he does. Tonight he was sitting on my lap facing me and I ask him where his head is. He immediately points to his head. I then ask him where his ears are and he sticks his finger in his ear. Hubby and I are dumbfounded. I ask him where his mouth is and he opens up wide and points in his mouth. Does the same thing with his feet and nose. We haven't been formally teaching him his body parts so I suppose he's just picking it up. Crazy stuff.

I'm proud to say he's drinking his milk out of a straw cup now. He never got the hang of lifting the sippy cup to empty it so the straw cups are right up his alley. He still gets his bottle before bed but I hope to wean that one in the next couple weeks. Wish me luck, I'm sick of washing bottles!

He's also mastered "How big is Wesley?" He throws his hands high in the air. Here is a video. I'll have to get one of him pointing to all his parts.

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