Monday, August 18, 2008

Little dog home

I'm happy to say that Chance is home after paying $320 dollars to spring him from the vet clinic. He seems back to normal. Poor dog has some sorta irritable bowel syndrome. The vet said it's something caused by stress or diet. Hmmmm....could it be the kid torturing him? Or perhaps the odd variety of food thrown at him from the highchair? The vet asked if there was anything out of the ordinary that Chance has eaten recently. I laughed out loud. Well, let me see...on a regular basis he gets tidbits of french toast, graham cracker, oranges, peas, globs of yogurt poured on his head, the list goes on and on....seriously he could have gotten this from eating anything. The vet is an older gentlemen, obviously doesn't remember what it's like having a one year old around the house. The dog is on AmoxiDrops and special food for the time being. Poor little dog.

Here is a picture from Saturday I forgot to post, our little happy family.

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