Friday, August 1, 2008

Daily Battles

Every day we seem to play battle of the sippy cup. I know he needs to start weaning from the bottle and I'm trying my hardest but he just won't drink milk from a sippy cup. He takes a drink and chucks it halfway across the room. I did feel a small victory last night when he, for the first time, drank an entire sippy cup of watered down OJ. It doesn't sound like much but he's so good at just taking a little suck and tossing it. So I've been offering the cup throughout the entire day and then putting it back in the fridge in between drinks so I'm not wasting all that juice. So it took him an entire day but he finally drank a whole cup. It's truely sad that I feel that's an accomplishment but oh well, baby steps. He's down to three 5 ounce bottles a day of milk, I hope now that we've found THE sippy cup he likes he'll start drinking milk out of it. I wishing by 14-15 months he's done with bottles. Gosh that would be nice.

Second battle is with the darn computer. Since we don't have cable or pretty much any TV at all he has been watching Sesame Street clips on YouTube. Nothing much, maybe one clip every other day. I found it endearing in the beginning. Now whenever I'm on the computer he crawls at suppa speed over to me and pulls up and starts whining until I put him on my lap. He LOVES Elmo clips in particular. Lately THIS Elmo clip.
I sing this in my dreams now. Seriously. Make it stop.

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