Saturday, August 30, 2008


What a busy weekend! Friday evening we went outside and flagged out the property where we want to fence it in. We are fencing in about 2 acres of it for the horses. It came out to 39 holes to dig. So yesterday I went to the local rental center and rented a Dingo. This is a walk behind skid steer with an auger attached. The lady said this would be our best option and we could knock out the holes in 4 hours. We bring it home and start digging. Two hours later Hubby has successfully dug three holes. Yep, three holes. The thing sucked. I think the dull auger combined with our clay dirt and not much weight pushing down made it not work very well. Hubby was getting really frustrated (to say the least) so we took it back. No sense wasting an entire day. The rental store said they would credit the money for the Dingo towards an actual skid steer with an auger but we don't have a tow vehicle to bring it home. The truck is sitting in the shop without a bumper after getting rear ended and the Jeep is a big fat wuss when it comes to towing. Oh well, we're pretty pooped today anyways. Hubby says he's going to hand dig them, but that's a tall order so we'll see.

Doesn't he look thrilled?

Hubby is outside right now trying to clean up the shop enough that we can fit 150 bales of hay in it that are being delivered this afternoon. Leave it to us to wait until the very last minute to do stuff. It would just be weird to actually accomplish something ahead of time.

In Wesley news, he's getting pretty close to walking I think. He cruises everywhere and practically runs around with his push toys. He's standing alone and will walk holding onto one of my hands. He's getting there. He's also a chatter box. It's pretty funny because whatever I say, he says. I say "do you want oranges with your lunch?" and he says "orangies orangies orangies". He's got about six words he says now. Seems to be growing by the day.

The kid loves his cell phone

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