Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The almost one year old Wesley had his first taste of cows milk today. I am so excited to get him transitioned off of the incredibly expensive formula he's currently on and on to whole milk. So tonight after dinner he had his first sippy cup of milk, and loved it I might add. I've recently done some research online about transitioning from the bottle to the cup and there are quite a few good ideas out there. One idea is to slowly dilute the formula in the bottle...for three days he'll get a 75% formula 25% water bottle then for three days he'd get a 50% formula 50% water in his bottle until he just doesn't want the bottle any longer. Sounds like it could work. I also read that you should keep formula in a bottle and milk in a sippy cup. Don't put cow's milk in a bottle and visa versa. It's a good way to get them off the bottle that way. We'll see.

More new stuff: new teeth are on the way. He's had his two lower teeth for awhile now but I just turned him upside down yesterday to see two new ones erupting on the top. They are either the canines or the lateral incisors, I can't really tell. He's such a mellow man, I can't seem to tell any change in his temperament with the addition of new teeth which is wonderful. That's about all that's new for now.

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