Sunday, July 20, 2008

He is watching

I am really enjoying this little one year old I have. For one, he's no longer on the dreaded expensive formula. Yea! As of yesterday he had his last bottle of formula. He is officially weaned onto Horizon Organic whole milk. The second great thing is he can now have all the "off limits" food for babies under one like strawberries, egg whites, oranges and orange juice and tomato products. The citrus and tomato products were a no no because of the acid not because of a potential allergy. I guess it burns their little rear ends as it exits. Poor kid. I hope it doesn't bother him. We are trying orange juice tomorrow morning, can't wait.

I found some interesting reading regarding juice. I guess not all juice is created equal. The number one best juice that packs the most nutritional punch is orange juice, even better if it is calcium fortified. A close second is vegetable juice. Third and fourth were apricot and guava juice (something I can't find around here) and in last place is apple and pear juice. The book said limit apple and pear juice as it has very little nutritional value.

Some other new things the kid has learned, he'll now pick up the phone and hold it to his ear. It is truly amazing how much a child learns from just observing an adult. It's a little scary I must admit, makes me think twice about everything I do. Tonight I was crawling around putting the little toys in a basket in his room and I asked Wesley if he'd help Mommy pick up the toys as I showed him how to put a toy in the basket. Sure enough he crawled around picking up the toys and throwing them in the basket. I was blown away. He's such a little man, just soaking it all in.

Here is a picture from Grandma and Grandpa's visit that I adore. The three generations of men.

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