Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's save some energy!

Since I am no longer working, or at least not full time, we are constantly looking for ways to save money. Our number one money hemorrhage every month is the electric bill, so we have been looking all over the house for ways to lower it. Last month we kicked our old air conditioner and furnace to the curb and installed an energy efficient heat pump. We have also been replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs whenever one burns out. And our newest change is to the hot water heater. I've been asking dear hubby to turn down the water heater for months now and he finally got around to it this past weekend. Turns out it was set to almost the highest setting of 145 degrees. After doing a little research on water temperatures it turns out at 145 degrees it takes two seconds to scald. We are talking a go to the hospital type burn. It's a darn good thing we are doing this strictly for Wesley's safety alone. Also interestingly enough, for every 10 degrees reduction in water temperature you can save between 3-5% in energy costs. Bonus! We turned it down to 110 degrees.

I've been looking for even more helpful ideas at lowering the energy bills and these are things I plan to implement ASAP. For one, not using hot water as much as possible will keep our water heater heating elements from being on (which surprisingly enough draws more electric current than the air conditioner when on!). When I run the dish washer I use the air dry setting. Hubby has been sealing up the leaks in the house to keep the crazy hot weather out. And last of all I'm actually thinking of putting up a clothes line, although I'm just not sure about it because we live on a dirt road and it can be dusty around here.

I found an interesting chart online that shows how much energy a typical appliance uses per year and it's corresponding cost based on national averages.

I was shocked to see that pool pump was the second most energy sucking appliance below hot tub. I am so excited to see some energy savings not having that pool pump run all summer. Let's give a big Ya hoo for no more pool (pool demolition progress pictures coming tomorrow). Anyways, that's what we've been up to.

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