Saturday, July 26, 2008

Go little dude...go!

Yesterday evening I was cleaning up the massive amount of toys strewn all over the living room and listening to the evening news when they started talking about the death of Randy Pausch. Now if you haven't heard of him you must live under a rock because he's been all over the news, I happen to catch him on Oprah. He was the man who had pancreatic cancer and wrote "The Last Lecture" about childhood dreams and achieving them. His lecture turned into a best selling book...which I hope gave oodles of money to his wife and three small children. Fascinating man, I was saddened to see his passing. Anyways, I'm standing there in front of the TV with toys in my hands and I hear this strange scrapping noise and look over to see this:

Guess he's walking now (with a toy that is). So in a little over three weeks he's gone from being absolutely stationary to crawling, then to speed crawling, then pulling up just a few days ago to cruising to walking while pushing a toy. That's just amazing. You go little dude!

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