Friday, July 18, 2008

Pool progress

As I stated a few days ago the pool demolition has been stalled due to the birthday party, family visiting and now tractor issues. I was just telling my sister in law that this project is not as easy of a project as Sean and I both thought it would be. I mean when you look at an in ground pool it doesn't look like that daunting of a project. But wow has this taken awhile. It doesn't help that it's just Sean doing it. Before Wesley came along we were a team, kicking butt on house projects together. Now it's one at a time while the other babysits. Anyways, Sean is currently tackling the dirt mounded up around the back of the hole. It's strange but in my mind you just put the bucket of the tractor in the dirt and scoop it into the hole....nope, it's not that easy. Our dirt is packed down and solid clay. So with every bucket scoop Sean is only able to scrape off an inch or so of dirt. It's slow going. And it's July. It sucks (and that's my view point while sitting inside in the air conditioning). Here are pictures of the hole. Sean has been pushing dirt in from the back.

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