Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Granny Randi! We hope you are having a great birthday with Jeremy visiting. By the way I didn't mean to find a stock photo of a birthday cake with 900 million candles on it, I just thought it was pretty...didn't mean to imply anything! A lot has happened around here since you left a week and a half ago. The crawling terror that is your grandson has torn this house apart. With his newfound ability to pull up, nothing is safe. He can now reach table tops and lower shelves. He pulls up on the couch and yanks on the dogs tails. He's even trying to get onto the couch, God help us. He's having loads of fun, me....not so much. I walk around after him cleaning up and rescuing the dogs. I can't even fathom how walking is going to be. I can't believe I was so anxious to see him crawling, now I just want him to stop crawling.

Today he didn't wake up until 11 am. He goes to bed at 9:30pm and usually gets up at 9:30 in the morning. This morning I go in there once he's awake and he standing in his crib laughing because he figured out the whole pulling up on the crib. Now of course he can't figure out how to lower himself back down so the giggling quickly turns to crying. It is now 4:30pm and he's yet to take a nap. Every time I lay him down he quickly stands up and just won't go to sleep. This should be a lovely evening.

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