Monday, July 14, 2008

Bye Bye Grandparents

We were sad to say bye to Sean's parents this morning. They headed out for their 14 hour drive back to New Mexico after a very pleasant four day visit. We had a great time visiting with them. Wesley is sad to see them go. He woke up this morning and looked all around trying to find them. I told him we'll see them in four short months for Thanksgiving, looking forward to that.

The zoo trip yesterday was just a blast. I've decided Sunday's are the days to visit the zoo. All the animals were out and about, many up by the glass so you could really see them. Many of the zoo keepers were out at the exhibits so we could ask all sorts of questions. It was very informative and fun. I think Wesley enjoyed himself.

Wesley has changed a bunch over the past two weeks. He is now into buttons. If a toy has a button and can be turned on and off he has figured it out. He's such a bright little boy. He'll just sit next to a toy and turn it on and wait for the music to stop then hit the button again and again. It's so amazing watching him learn and develop. He's quite the chatter box too. He'll just look at us and "talk" to us in his own little language. He's really growing up fast.

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