Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adventures in Gardening

The rain is back, just when I think it has left and the cracks start forming in the yard it returns and greens everything back up. Usually when August appears the grass crunches under your feet and there is nothing but brown surrounding you. It's a nice change. My plants around the koi pond are flourishing. The watermelon vines are creeping right along and the pumpkin plant is just gorgeous. It's amazing how pretty vegetable plants can be. I went out there this morning just to look around and low and behold I have two watermelons growing. I'm so freakin excited!

So I keep looking around and there is a little tiny pumpkin growing as well. Cool stuff! Of course the tomatoes are growing well, still green but getting bigger by the day. They still don't have cages around them since Wally World won't seem to ever get more cages in stock, oh well they seem to be doing fine without them. Last of all the Honey Dew vine is looking good, still no melons growing on it but it was planted late. One of those last of the season, all dried up, if I don't buy it it's gonna go in the trash, purchases. I think it will produce something since it is covered in blooms. Gardening is quite enjoyable when fruit starts appearing.

The fish in the koi pond have seemed to stop multiplying, thank God. There are about 50-60 little 2 inch goldfish in there along with 5-6 big ones. I'm hoping Mother Nature thins out some of the baby fish before fall is here. My plan is to bring in the extra 50 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank and put it in the upstairs unused bathroom. Then when the temperature drops, go out and empty the pond and net up as many little fish as I can and let them over winter in the upstairs bathroom. We'll see if this actually happens but that's the plan for now.

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