Sunday, July 20, 2008

See ya poopers!

I did something today that I rarely, if ever, do. We found a new home for our geese. I acquired four female geese two years ago to keep in our lagoon and act as lawn mowers. They were, in fact, such good lawn mowers that they over grazed the lagoon and now it is reduced to dirt. Then when it rained it would cause it to erode into little channels into the lagoon. We started worrying about the integrity of the lagoon and decided the geese needed to go trim someone elses grass for a change. So my friend Jessica's mom took them to be company for her lone male goose and to trim the five foot tall weeds in her lagoon. As I left them today the male goose was showing the four females around his bachelor pad....he seemd happy with his new harem. I'm kind of sad to see them go but I don't miss the noise or the mess they made when they escaped the fence (something they did daily). Seriously, geese take a giant crap every 3 minutes. Gross. I hope with them being gone the lagoon will start growing grass on the banks again. I figure I can just let the goats in there periodically to mow it down.

My master plan down the road is to get two ducklings to raise when Wesley is old enough to enjoy it, maybe three years old? I also want to build a kick ass chicken coop at one point and get baby chicks....or if I'm brave enough maybe we can hatch our own eggs. I would love to take Wesley out and collect organic fresh eggs every day. How fun.

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