Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weird night

What a strange night. Picture it: it's four in the morning, I'm outside in my bathrobe and muck boots with a flashlight, it's thundering and lightning all around me. You might ask "Why?" Well I wake up to the horses screaming, which if you haven't heard before is a bone chilling sound. In my head it means one of three things: One of the horses has broken a leg and is lying there screaming, there is a predator in their pen attempting to eat them, or they are being stupid silly little horses that are suddenly afraid of lightning. Turned out to be none of the above. Actually two full size horses from down the street were afraid of the lightning and escaped and decided to come find comfort with my two.

With that being said, I thought I'd introduce you to my outside petting zoo. Back in fall of 2005 I purchased Rocky, a baby miniature horse. He's a crappy little horse thats only goal in life is to sink his teeth into juicy human flesh. He sure is cute though. The above picture he's 5 months old. Next I bought Desi, another miniature horse. He's no youngin though. He's 11. He was purchased in the hopes of teaching crappy little Rocky some manners. Didn't work. Next came the goats. Don't ask me why we have goats. I got one as a baby and then thought he needed a pal. It's the Noah's Ark theory, all of my animals are in pairs. My neighbor kept saying "You'd stop acquiring animals if you just had a baby." Boy was she correct. I do think Wesley will have fun with all the animals once he's old enough. That is if the crappy horse doesn't bite his fingers off. We'll have to get the horse a muzzle or duct tape.

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