Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cool invention

Ok so I talked about the garage sales I hit last Saturday, well the coolest thing I found was an Evenflo backpack that I can tote Wesley around in for $2.00. I saw it, decided against it and went and got back in the car.....this is how cheap I am folks....I then got back out of the car and thought "well for two bucks even if I never use it I can always sell it on eBay for $15". See I thought you had to have two people around to get those things with a baby in them on your back, so I thought there was no way I'd ever use one. I come to find out all you do is set it up on the floor, it has a swing arm leg that allows you to set it up and then sit down and strap it on your back. Then you just stand up and TA DA baby is on your back. He's gone out every morning this week in it to help me feed the animals. Very cool invention.

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