Friday, April 18, 2008

Furry floor cleaners

The little pee pee dogs went home last Sunday. Ahhh it's nice to be back down to only three dogs, three dogs that can normally control their bladders. I knew having dogs and a baby would be interesting but I didn't realize how well they would get along with each other. When Wesley throws food over the edge of his high chair all three dogs are eagerly awaiting it. He's even learned how to take Cheerios and lean over the side and feed them to the dogs. The dogs love Wesley. They even clean his spit up when he chucks on the floor. It's gross but convenient for me.

The dogs are surprisingly gentle with the baby. They will sidle up to him on the couch and let him grab their fur in his kung fu grip. He'll pull and tug at the fur or ears or anything else he can get a hold of. They just sit there. I want to get this shirt for Wesley. It cracks me up.

Cisco, our cancer dog, is still holding in there. He gets Prednizone in the morning along with another prescription drug twice a day called Tramadol. I actually refill that drug at the local pharmacy. When they ask for the name on the prescription I say Cisco and they give me a funny look like "this crazy woman named her kid Cisco"...hey at least the dogs name isn't Rover or Spot. I don't think they fill many canine meds. Anyways, he's still trucking along. I don't think he'll be with us a whole lot longer but as long as his quality of life is still good and I think it is still. He still drops his ball in our laps every evening. When that stops and he can't get around very well we'll think about our next option.

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