Sunday, April 20, 2008

So much to do

What a beautiful weekend it is! Right now it is 84 degrees outside. I've been so jealous of Sean getting to go outside and work while I watch from the window with Wesley on my hip. So today I got to go do yard work while Sean watched the baby. I'm one of those strange people that likes to mow the yard. I find it oddly relaxing. It takes about two hours. I finished up that and came in to find Sean with a sleeping baby on his lap. So I took that opportunity to escape back outside and rake the leaves from the koi pond that we emptied yesterday. That is one of those chores I don't look forward to every year. Cleaning that stinking pond out is a smelly pain in my butt but after it's done and filled up with water, the water fall going and water lilies are blooming it's really quite pretty. I'm looking forward to taking Wesley out there every day to look at the fishies (the fish that are currently in the downstairs aquarium). The big snake that lives in the little pond came out to say hello. I wish he (or more likely she) would find a new home, it freaks me out every time. I wouldn't imagine it wants to find a new home, it has water, rocks to take shelter in, ample supply of fish to eat. Every year there are a few new baby snakes swimming around....them I don't mind.

Sean is making progress on the pool demo. He has over half of the steel walls cut down and is digging up the steel supports. As soon as that is done it's just dirt work...yea! It almost looks like an end in sight. The nice redneck fellow that lives behind us has offered to bring his front end loader over and move the dirt for us. Country folks are so nice, they'll give you the shirt off their back if you asked.

I let the horses out to graze after mowing. They are enjoying the spring weather just as much as I am.

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