Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kansas City Trip Part 1

Father's Day weekend last year we decided to start a tradition as a family to get together somewhere with my parents and my sister. Last year we went exploring several locations in Oklahoma and this year we decided to visit Kansas City and see all it had to offer. My sister lives in KC so it was convenient to have a tour guide that knew where to go. We decided to see a childrens farm called Deanna Rose and then the next day we went to the Kansas City Zoo (that will be tomorrows blog post, part 2....way too many pictures for one post).

With Wesley turning three next month we thought the childrens farm would be enjoyable for him, and it was! They had a dairy exhibit where he got to milk a cow (a plastic one that produced water).

He got to ride some cute little tractors. He hasn't quite figured out how to pedal yet, but he's starting to show an interest in learning.

Betsy, Blake and Emery joined us in the fun. Emery is super adorable and getting big fast, he already out weighs Greta!

The very best part of the farm was that in the middle of it they had a stocked pond and for three dollars you can rent a little cane pole and a little bucket of worms. Then you just dip the baited hook into the water and there are fish biting instantly. We pulled two perch out in about four minutes. Really cool experience for little kids with no attention spans. He really liked it.

The other part that was a hit was a little splash area with shallow water flowing down it. It took a little while to coax Wesley into it as he still has some strange phobia with water (doesn't like to get sprayed or go swimming). But once he got in we had to drag him out.

We were there for about two hours before some strong storms moved in and drove us out but it was super fun and we'll be sure to visit next time we visit...Greta will enjoy it when she gets older.

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend! Happy belated Father's Day to all you wonderful dads out there!

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