Sunday, September 7, 2008

What rednecks do for fun on the weekends.

We build stuff for goats to play on. When we tore out the pool we had to tear out the large wrap around deck and therefore have a ton (or maybe two ton) of pressure treated wood that was too good to trash. So we stacked it up until a project came along requiring wood. Today was that day. Hubby and I went out during Little Dudes nap and built a large wooden table for the goats to play on. Goats are notorious for always wanting to be on the tallest object around. People with goats roaming around are not surprised to see them standing on the tops of vehicles. We, of course, contain our goats so we came up with this:

Not bad for a couple of hours of work. Plus we only used like 3% of the wood, so maybe a chicken coop is in our future. We let the goats into the pen and they immediately ran over and hopped right on. Fun times.

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