Friday, September 5, 2008

Changing seasons, changing kiddo

Not much to write about lately. Wesley and I have been staying in more recently due to the weather being utterly crappy. Tuesday was down right chilly, with rain and wind. I thought fall had appeared overnight until I heard the weather man tell me it was just the remnants of Gustav. I didn't think Gustav would go that far inland. I can't imagine what those people down south were feeling. Yet another reason I'm glad I live where I live.

With the dramatic change in the weather I thought it time to clean out the kids drawers and make room for some fall/winter clothing. It was kind of sad to pack up his little 12 month tank tops, knowing he'll never be that size again.

Wesley is learning more every day and becoming a little person. He tells me what he does and doesn't want. Our toys are becoming boring so I've started picking up new ones whenever I can. Today he got his Leap Frog Fridge Farm in the mail. It's this little barn that sticks to the fridge and he can place animals in it and they make noise. He was so enamored with it that when we had to go over to my folks house this evening he ripped it from the fridge and played with it in his car seat. New toys rock!

Here are some cute pictures taken yesterday during reading time. The kid does love his books. I'm thankful for that.

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