Thursday, September 11, 2008

Portrait of a Fourteen Month Old

Wesley will officially be fourteen months old tomorrow. Dang, where has the time went? This little tiny man is just the light of my life. Makes each day worth it. Here are some of his favorite things:

Fruit: frozen wild blue berries and bananas...and he never passes up "orangies"

Veggie: broccoli

Food: frozen cheese ravioli, french toast and scrambled eggs.

Toy: today it's a balloon

Words: Daddy, doggie, juice, lunch, balloon (sounds like baallo), ball, light, high chair (sounds like hiiiicha), oranges

Past time: tossing stuff down the stairs, tormenting the dogs, eating board books, watching Elmo's World, "walking" around the house, reading with Dad.

Book: Elmo's Mother Goose (great nursery rhyme book)..poor book is falling apart he loves it so much.

Here he is sitting at the computer watching Elmo. He gets so excited to sit in a big boy chair.

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