Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitties, pool and milk

We have one cat. Her name is Lady and as of today she is officially an outdoor cat. I think I wrote about the fun times I had last month ripping out the carpet in my workroom upstairs thanks to her unwillingness to always use the litter box. Well, after that she went to live in the upstairs bathroom that is unused. It's got linoleum so she won't use it as a toilet (she prefers absorbent carpet), but it's pretty small. SO during the day she would go outside and then in the evenings it was back up to the bathroom to sleep. Then Thursday night at 2am hubby and I awoke to the lovely noise of her throwing herself at the bathroom door. Over and over again. How it didn't wake Wesley up I haven't a clue. That was the last straw. So last night I moved her litter box, food and water dish out to the shop. In the evenings she will get locked in the shop and during the day she is free to roam the great outdoors. Good luck outside this winter kitty!

The pool demolition is coming along. Hubby gets out there on weekends when he has a chance and when it isn't too wet. It's actually flat on one side now. We have to remove the wrought iron fence on the other side before he can get to work on that side. At least we can now order some fill dirt and the dump truck will be able to just back right up to the hole and dump it. It was a year ago that I said "Hey maybe we should just fill in the pool" and ever since Sean has been working his tail off to get it done. He's such a hard worker...Wesley and I are lucky to have him.

Last week was a success at weaning Wesley off the bottle. He has gone this whole week (minus last night) without a bottle. He had a little remission last night when he just wouldn't go to sleep, so a little bottle of warm milk and off to sleep he went. He's got one straw cup that he just's a wonderful cup, it won't spill anything and he can't yank the straw out like most straw cups. Here he is with his favorite cup.

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