Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Victory over the teeth

The kid has an almost full set of teeth and he isn't afraid to use them. Witness exhibit A:

My (I mean his) really pretty wooden crib is getting the crud chewed out of it on a daily basis. He finds nothing wrong with sinking his chompers into the nice juicy wood. These little chew marks go up and down the crib rail. So I go online and start researching my options. First option is to buy these little plastic rails that fit nicely over the existing wooden rail. Nice in theory, the reviews were horrid....saying they nicely pop right on and their kids pop them right off within minutes and then start beating everything in sight with them. Yea I could see Wesley doing that.

So my other option (seems to be only two out there) is to buy this padded fabric strip that has Velcro along each edge and it attaches to itself under the crib rail. It arrived yesterday and is working wonderfully. If all it did was cover up the ugly teeth marks that would be enough but it protects the crib and his little teeth. Victory is mine.

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