Friday, September 12, 2008

We're gonna need an ark

So it's been raining here for two days straight. This morning the news man said we got 10 inches of rain overnight. There was a news anchor out covering the flooding that is happening throughout town and in the background there was a man kayaking down the street. It made me laugh. It's good to see someone still has a sense of humor.

Wesley and I have been staying in where it's dry (and hopefully stays that way). Our sump pump has been running all day long. I'm praying we don't get a power outage. Our basement would flood pretty quickly if we did loose power. Nah, hubby and I would be down there with buckets before we ever let that happen. What's funny is that we've gotten all this rain and Ike hasn't even come through yet...this weekend is going to be a wet one!

This weekend is our "Wean Wesley from the Bottle Weekend". Yeah! He doesn't seem to have any huge attachment to his before bed bottle and that's the only one he's down to so I don't think it will be too traumatic for him. My plan is to just work a sippy cup of milk in right before his bath and maybe he won't even remember he's missing a bottle. Wish me luck!

Here is a cute little picture I took today. I walk out of the kitchen and am looking around for Wesley and this is all I see:

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