Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dud mom

Today I was a dud mom. Yesterday I peered out on the porch to find a glorious little box from Amazon with a book I've been waiting for. My sister told me to read Twilight. I was skeptical....a love story between a vampire and a high schooler....yea I dunno. BUT, she is my older and supposedly wiser sister so I bit the bullet and ordered it. I sat down at 10pm yesterday evening after my shower to read a few chapters before bed. I finally pried the book from my hands at 2am after reading over half of its 500 pages. Oh golly is it a good one. Thanks sis for the recommendation. How that author got that much electricity between two characters in a book is unknown to me. I couldn't put it down.

So this morning I awake at 8:30, knowing full well I could sleep another hour before the Kid wakes up, and sneak into the living room to read some more. I told myself I'll put it down once Wesley wakes up and I can resume reading it during his nap. Didn't happen. I made him breakfast then popped in Elmo's World and plopped myself on the couch to devour another 100 pages. I was a dud mom. I finished it today at 4pm at the end of his nap. That's the fastest I've ever read a book. Good book, I recommend it. Now I have to go get the other two books in the series. I've decided not to even purchase them until I've got a Saturday to myself and a babysitter.

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