Monday, May 5, 2008

The swing

I told myself if I hadn't found an outdoor swing at a garage sale for the kid by next week I would go buy one at Toys R Us. Sure enough I found one at the church garage sale and snapped it up. We hung in on a tree this weekend and Wesley got to swing. And did he ever swing....and swing and swing and swing. If you removed him from the swing he would cry, so back he went. He even told me he really wished he had a pair of sunglasses like his cousin Sasha so I found a pair at Target and he swung with his sunglasses on. He was so preoccupied swinging he didn't even try to rip the sunglasses off. Twice a day now we go out and swing. It's nice to have something outside to do with him.

Here he is in his sunglasses. Doesn't he look cool?

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