Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wesley is finally settling into a nice nap routine. He goes down at 2 pm and sleeps for exactly 2 hours. I love this routine and I hope it doesn't stop. Ever. I have become the most productive person alive during those precious two hours. On Sunday, as soon as he went down, I grabbed the baby monitor, plugged it into the garage electrical outlet and washed and waxed the truck. Yesterday I put him down for his nap and ran into the kitchen and mass produced his whole wheat pumpkin pancakes. I'm still into keeping the freezer overstocked with all of his food so all I do is reach in there and grab something for each meal. He's still getting organic food as much as possible, I've started to incorporate non organic stuff like pasta and meats. But fruits and veggies are all organic. I think it's smart to keep him pesticide and hormone free for as long as possible. He's going to be exposed to all that stuff soon enough.

He's becoming a pro at feeding himself finger foods. You should see the speed in which this child eats green beans. I can hardly place them on the high chair tray before they're gone. So far he's getting:
-mini meatballs
-green beans
-pasta of all shapes and sizes
-sweet potato cubes
-shredded chicken
-beans and lentils
-cubes of carrots and potato
-melon or any sort

I'm trying to add more food into his diet whenever I can. I think we are going to start him in shredded cheese and yogurt next month or just hold off until a year. My friend Jessica's little boy has a milk allergy which scares me from letting Wesley have full milk products just yet, even though he's getting formula which is made from cow's milk.

I forgot how easy is was to use the jarred baby food. With my sister's wedding this coming weekend, I am wishing he was still eating the jarred stuff that I can just toss in the diaper bag. I now have all this freezer food that I'm going to have to lug around in a cooler. Luckily the hotel room as a mini fridge so I can just keep it all in there and portion out servings for eat meal, wherever we happen to be. I also wasn't sure it all the locations (rehearsal dinner, reception) would have highchairs so I bought a clip on chair we can carry with us. I hope it works. I hope the kid doesn't fall off the table.

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