Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rub a dub dub Wesley in his new tub

I received a gift certificate for my birthday (thank you Rich and Randi) so I purchased a new tub for Wesley. He's been in his infant/toddler tub up until now and was outgrowing it quickly. His new tub is an inflatable one that fits inside the tub, it's nice and cozy for him. We tried having a bath in it last week and he was scared to death of it, poor kid just screamed and screamed when placed in it. So the tub was moved into his bedroom and he got to play with it empty first and decided it wasn't so bad. SO today he had his first real bath in it. He loves it.

There is a squeaky duck on the side of it that he finds highly entertaining. He'll just look at it giving it the vulcan death stare. Silly kid.

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